aviation: Swiss expands winter flight program 2024/25



Swiss International Air Lines (Swiss) announces its 2024/2025 winter flight program, offering its passengers an impressive variety of destinations. By continuing to add new summer destinations and further developing existing routes, Swiss is setting an example of its continuous development and commitment to meeting the needs of its customers.

Swiss will continue to fly its passengers to summer destinations in the coming winter season. Particularly noteworthy is the continuation of connections from Zurich to Washington DC, London Gatwick, Cluj-Napoca and Košice, as well as from Geneva to Oslo. These routes, which were successfully launched in summer 2024, will remain in place during the winter, offering travelers a reliable and dependable choice of flights.

Increased long-distance connections

Swiss is significantly expanding its long-haul offering. The Californian cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco will be served daily from Zurich in winter. Connections to Miami will also be increased to two flights a day, which is attractive for business travelers and vacationers. The Zurich-Shanghai route will also be served daily, which underlines the importance of the Chinese market for Swiss.

In addition to its existing long-haul flights, Swiss is also strengthening its short-haul network. Flights to London Gatwick will be offered daily, while Cluj-Napoca and Košice will each be served three times a week. These connections offer both business travelers and tourists flexible and frequent travel options within Europe.

Additional connections from Geneva

Swiss is also expanding its service from Geneva. The Norwegian capital Oslo will continue to be served with six weekly flights. Swiss is also increasing the frequency of flights to Copenhagen to five per week and to Valencia and Malaga to three per week each. This increase in flight frequency reflects the increasing demand and interest in these destinations.

Swiss’s 2024/25 winter flight program, valid from October 27, 2024 to March 29, 2025, includes a total of 93 destinations. From Zurich, passengers can choose between 65 European and 23 intercontinental destinations. From Geneva, Swiss offers 22 short-haul destinations in addition to the long-haul destination New York. This open range of destinations is clear and can be used flexibly in your aircraft.

The expansion of Swiss’ flight program is not only a sign of the airline’s growth, but also of confidence in the aviation market. The additional flights to North America and Asia, as well as the increased connections within Europe, demonstrate Swiss’s strategic focus on consolidating and building its presence in important markets. In particular, the daily flights to Shanghai and the increased frequency to Miami underline the importance of these cities for the business and tourism segments.

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