aviation: Vienna: More hotel rooms and beds than in 2019



If you want to stay in an accommodation facility in Vienna, you can choose between 71,000 beds. That is more than before the CoV pandemic. Nevertheless, there are two dozen fewer accommodation establishments than in 2019, and the hotels are tending to be larger.

According to Vienna Tourism, the number of rooms is also above the pre-crisis level – even though the number of hotels has not yet reached this level again. This means that the companies are tending to become larger. The current statistics show almost 400 hostels with around 37,000 rooms and more than 70,000 beds. The federal capital thus has around 2,500 rooms or 3,000 beds more than before the pandemic. In this there had been significant declines. Now the level of 2019 has been exceeded again.

The number of companies is also constantly increasing. However, the pre-crisis level has not yet been reached here. In 2019, 422 accommodations were registered, currently there are 398. However, the trend is likely to continue. According to the tourism association, it is expected that by 2025 the organic value will be connected to projects that are already in the planning stage.

Hotels are getting bigger

In any case, the size of Viennese accommodation establishments has increased: in 2015, the average hotel establishment still had 149 beds, so the corresponding value for 2019 was already 162. In 2022, 179 had been reached. In 2023 you will be able to rest on average at 182 beds per house. « Larger businesses are more economically viable and therefore probably more durable, » said Norbert Kettner, Director of Tourism, explaining the development. A stay is usually not a cheap pleasure. More than half (59 percent) of the current supply of hotel beds in Vienna are in four or Assign five-star area.

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