aviation: Verdi calls for strikes in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover



The Verdi trade union is calling for a 24-hour warning strike from Sunday, March 22, 2022, 10:00 p.m. at the airports in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover. The airport of the Free and Hanseatic City has already announced that passenger flight operations have to be stopped again.

The action taken by the employee representatives has been sharply criticized by the industry association ADV, because its President Ralph Beisel says: « Verdi repeatedly misuses the airports in the collective bargaining dispute of the public service as a public platform for enforcing their demands, even though the airports don’t even get two percent of the profits exhibit . The airports do not conduct their own collective bargaining, but are part of the Association of Municipal Employers (VKA). It is also unacceptable for the airport operators that Verdi’s negotiations with employers in the aviation security industry are being mixed up with ongoing collective bargaining in the public sector. The travelers become the pawn of the labor dispute. The fact that airlines and airports are recovering from the deepest crisis in aviation is completely ignored. Airports are part of the critical infrastructure and must be protected from strikes. All-day strikes that cut off international air traffic in several German metropolitan regions have long had nothing to do with warning strikes.”

It is currently assumed that around 351 departures will have to be canceled at the airports mentioned. Around 45,000 travelers will be affected. The ADV expects that there will be repercussions on other airports, so that up to 100,000 passengers could be stranded.

« With the announced 24-hour strike, the Verdi union is again causing massive restrictions for tens of thousands of travelers – and this in the middle of the Hamburg March holidays, which are a popular travel time for families with children. This strike is being carried out again and quite deliberately on the backs of the Hamburg passengers. If wage disputes are resolved at the negotiating table as intended, then that is always the best option. The fact that this also works without strikes was recently shown by the collective bargaining agreement with ver.di for the increasing number of ground handling services at Hamburg Airport – they are expected to receive an average salary increase of around 20 percent, » explains Janet Niemeyer, Presses Hamburg Airesportpremeyer.

The article Verdi calls for strikes in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover first appeared on Aviation.Direct.

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