aviation: Klagenfurt: Police caught two men with fake residence permits



On Saturday, March 4th, 2023, the police at Klagenfurt Airport seized two men who presented forged residence permits. It is said to have been a Georgian and a citizen of the Republic of Moldova.

According to a statement from the Carinthian State Police Headquarters, both plane tickets for a Ryanair flight to Dublin are said to have died. Since Ireland is not a member of the Schengen Agreement, official exit controls take place. In the course of this, the two men are said to have presented their indirect titles in addition to their passports.

The officials are said to have had considerable doubts in the course of an initial review of the documents. Ultimately, it turned out that they were fakes purchased in Poland. The two men are said to have stated the latter themselves during the interrogation. According to the police, a deportation procedure was initiated by the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum. The travelers had to deposit a high security deposit in cash and were reported at large. Departure for Ireland was not approved.

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