aviation: British Airways restricts employees’ social media activities



Since February 1, 2023, British Airways has restricted its increase in social media during working hours. A new set of rules has been set up for this purpose. Might also be that some employees in the past have probably created backgrounds for publicity.

Not all flight attendants and pilots are noticed by postings that are embarrassing for the company. Some pilots indirectly advertise British Airways and flying in general. This should also come to an end in the future. This probably annoys many a flying employee, because up until now nothing has been done wrong.

The airline does not see it as a ban at all, but a spokesman emphasizes that they have only drawn up new rules and made it clear in them what and especially when can be posted on social media and what not. “For example, when our colleagues fly an airplane, they are responsible for the safety of everyone on board. It’s not unreasonable to bite her, to wait until her break to take pictures, » the media officer said.

In these guidelines, it is seen that British Airways requires that only things be shared that « tell our story, celebrate our achievements, attract new customers and strengthen our brand and reputation ». It warns that improper use of online channels could have a negative impact on « colleagues, customers and BA’s reputation ». Remember that social media profiles can be viewed by many people.

The document goes on to say that the guidelines were created to enable employees to share work-related content and to « protect you and your colleagues, protect the company’s reputation and provide a consistent standard for attractive, attractive, of speeches to be maintained throughout the BA”.

British Airways prohibits the sharing of « sensitive content that poses a risk to our business, our customers, our colleagues or to you as an individual ». The airline clarified that this includes, but is not limited to, instrumentation/data from the cockpit, flight plans or technical documents before or in an engine, crew hotel locations, contents of passengers upon boarding (without their prior consent) and access to aircraft access codes, includes. The list also includes cockpit shots that require prior approval from the company. « If you’re in a car with your kids in the back seat, you wouldn’t post a picture, » the British Airways spokesman said.

British Airways restricts employees’ social media activities first appeared on Aviation.Direct.

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