aviation: Because of 25 euros: parents wanted to leave the baby in Tel Aviv



On January 31, 2023, a probably unusual incident occurred at Tel Aviv Airport, because parents simply returned their baby, which was bundled up in a carrier, to the check-in counter. The couple wanted to fly to Charleroi on Ryanair flight 4710.

Most airlines charge for taking small children with you. Depending on the provider, this must at least be registered or a special baby ticket must be purchased. In this specific case, the parents had to pay around 25 euros to Ryanair. But they didn’t want that and simply left their child, who was bundled up in a carrying shell, at the check-in counter and went to passport control.

The behavior made the ground staff angry, so that the police and security service were called immediately. The couple was temporarily forbidden to continue their journey. Instead of flying home to Charleroi, there was now an interrogation by the Israeli executive. Tel Aviv Airport in particular is extremely sensitive to security and prepared for just about any eventuality, but so far it has been the case that a couple simply leaves their baby son behind and wants to fly home without him because they are too stingy to pay the 25 euros for the flight not happened.

A spokesman for Ben Gurion Airport said: « A couple with a baby who hold Belgian passports arrived at Terminal 1 for a Ryanair flight without having a ticket for the baby. The couple was delayed for their flight after the flight check-in counters were already closed. They left the car seat with the baby and wanted to go to security in Terminal 1 to get to the departure gate. »

The police are now conducting preliminary proceedings under qualified law against the child’s parents. The exit is still completely open. For legal reasons, attention must be drawn to the presumption of innocence.

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