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The Latvian airline Air Baltic announces the start of non-stop flights from Tallinn to Burgas and from Tampere to Palma de Mallorca from Tampere for the summer 2023 schedule. A total of 13 new routes will be added.

“As we continue to monitor market dynamics and passenger demand, Air Baltic is committed to expanding its route network and improving connectivity in the Baltic States and Tampere (Finland). This time we recognized the opportunity to expand our network in Central and Southeastern Europe to expand overall. “The inclusion of Burgas and Palma de Mallorca makes our offer even more attractive and varied,” says company boss Martin Gauss.

Overview of the new routes:

Destination served Flight frequency Start date
Riga (Latvia) – Alicante (Spain) 2 flights weekly February 27, 2024
Riga (Latvia) – Tirana (Albania) 2 flights weekly May 1, 2024
Riga (Latvia) – Sofia (Bulgaria) 3 flights weekly May 2, 2024
Riga (Latvia) – Ljubljana (Slovenia) 2 flights weekly May 2, 2024
Riga (Latvia) – Skopje (North Macedonia) 2 flights weekly May 2, 2024
Riga (Latvia) – Chisinau (Moldova) 2 flights weekly May 4, 2024
Riga (Latvia) – Pristina (Kosovo) 2 flights weekly May 4, 2024
Tallinn (Estonia) – Billund (Denmark) 2 flights weekly May 2, 2024
Tallinn (Estonia) – Malta 1 flight per week May 4, 2024
Tallinn (Estonia) – Burgas (Bulgaria) 2 flights weekly May 1, 2024
Vilnius (Lithuania) – Krakow (Poland) 2 flights weekly May 3, 2024
Palanga (Lithuania) – Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2 flights weekly May 29, 2024
Tampere (Finland) – Palma de Mallorca (Spain) 2 flights weekly May 3, 2024

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